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Mesmerize – Visual Meditation

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About Mesmerize – Visual Meditation App

Mesmerize – Visual Meditation is an app that promotes relaxation with its unique audiovisual meditation experience. The app combines engaging visuals, soothing psychoacoustic music, and expertly designed guided meditations to provide a holistic meditation experience. With various 3D voice, nature sounds, white noise, and visual breathing options available, the app offers a diverse range of meditative techniques for users. Developed by Rockwell Ventures, Mesmerize – Visual Meditation app is geared towards individuals who want to reduce anxiety, improve self-awareness, increase focus, among other benefits.

Mesmerize – Visual Meditation Features and Description

Mesmerize – Visual Meditation comes with the following features:

Attractive Visuals

Mesmerize – Visual Meditation app boasts unique hypnotic visuals that are designed to fascinate users. Users can control the speed and flow of the visuals with a pinch gesture for the ultimate meditative experience.

Soothing Psycho-Acoustic Music

The app features music that is designed based on clinically validated principles to ease the body into a state of relaxation. Music is an essential element of meditation, and Mesmerize – Visual Meditation app does not disappoint.

Guided Meditations

Expertly designed guided meditations are offered to help users on their meditation journey. Meditation topics include mindfulness, anxiety, gratitude, loving-kindness, self-care, emotional well-being, forgiveness, compassion, pain relief, healing, sleep, chronic pain, and more.

Nature Sounds and White Noise

Mesmerize – Visual Meditation app comes with various nature sounds such as rain, ocean, thunder, train, fan, and more. Users can also access white noise sounds to drown out unwanted background noise.

Sleepy Stories and Focus Music

For those who struggle with falling asleep, Mesmerize – Visual Meditation app comes with sleepy stories to help them dose off. The app also has focus music designed to help users cut out distractions and improve focus.

Visual Breathing

The app adjusts the speed of the visuals to match the user’s selected breathing pattern for an immersive meditative experience.

Audio Fusion, Sleep Timer, and Variable Volumes

Mesmerize – Visual Meditation app comes with additional features, such as audio fusion, allowing users to mix outdoor audio with Mesmerize playback. A sleep timer is available, which can be set to stop Mesmerize playback automatically at a specific time. Users can control voice and music volumes separately for a perfect balance between the two.

Offline Compatible and Random Modes

Users can download their favorite content to listen to later in airplane mode and choose a random mode for auto-selection of their favorite or particular category of content.

Specifications: Mesmerize – Visual Meditation

Price: Free
File Size: 92,704.00 KB
Version: 1.7.4 while reviewed
Supported Device: Apple iPhone

Mesmerize – Visual Meditation: Pricing

Mesmerize – Visual Meditation app is free to download. A free three-day trial is available for users who want access to app features and content. Users can also opt for auto-renewing monthly/yearly/weekly subscription options.

Mesmerize – Visual Meditation: Pros and Cons


  • Secure to use
  • Improves with each update
  • Good support
  • Mobile apps


  • Privacy could be improved
  • Missing some features
  • Sometimes slow support

Mesmerize – Visual Meditation: Benefits

  • Unique and engaging visuals
  • Diverse range of meditation techniques
  • Soothing psycho-acoustic music
  • Guided meditations designed by experts
  • Nature sounds, white noise, and visual breathing options available
  • Sleepy stories and focus music for sleep and focus improvement
  • Offline compatible for on-the-go meditation
  • Free to download and try

Mesmerize – Visual Meditation: Feedbacks


“If you are concerned about privacy, then Mesmerize – Visual Meditation is not the best option. Period. Mes

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Mesmerize – Visual Meditation
Mesmerize – Visual Meditation
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