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Pioneer Smart Sync

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About Pioneer Smart Sync App

Pioneer Smart Sync is an app that connects your smartphone and Pioneer compatible car stereo, giving you a smarter experience while driving. The app allows you to use the functions of your smartphone through a touch button on a connected hardware device, ensuring safe use while on the road. Pioneer Smart Sync also comes with various adjustment tools for smartphone audio, safety support functions, and more.

Pioneer Smart Sync Features and Description

Pioneer Smart Sync is a free app that provides multiple features, some of which are:

  • Safe use of smartphone applications while driving
  • Call up applications with a touch button on a connected hardware device
  • The app reads your messages aloud for better focus on the road
  • 31Band EQ (Pro setting), time alignment, sound effects, and more
  • Safety support functions such as parking aid and voice recognition (on some compatible Pioneer products)

The app is available for download on the Apple App Store and is compatible with iPhones only. It has a file size of 141,579.00 KB and is currently on version 2.9.0. Some of the Pioneer products that are compatible with the app are listed below:

  • SPH-10BT
  • FH-S722BS / FH-S720BS / FH-S52BT / FH-S520BT
  • DEH-S7200BHS / DEH-S6220BS / DEH-S6200BS / DEH-S5200BT / DEH-S4220BT / DEH-S4200BT / DEBSH-DET / S61004200BT / DEBSH-DET / S61004200 DEBSH-S610061BS / DEH-S5100BT / DEH-S5120BT / DEH-S4100BT / DEH-S4120BT / MVH-S720BHS / MVH-S622BS / MVH-S620BS / MVH-S522BS / MVH-S420BT / MVH-S32TBT / MVH32TBT / MVH32TBT / MVH32BT / MVH-S3205BT / MVH-S310 / MVH-S312BT
  • SPH-20DAB / FH-S820DAB / SPH-20DAB / FH-S720BT / DEH-S720DAB / DEH-S520BT / DEH-S42BT / DEH-S420BT / DEH-S320BT / DEH-S410BT / DEH-S41BT / DEH-S41BT / DEH-S310BT / MVH-S310BT S310BT-MVH-S41BT / DEH-S310BT S520DAB / MVH-S520BT / MVH-S42BT / MVH-S420DAB / MVH-S420BT / MVH-S320BT / MVH-S510BT / MVH-S410BT / MVH-S41BT / MVH
  • SPH-C10BT / SPH-C19BT / SXT-C10PS FH-S820DAB / FH-S725BT / FH-S525BT DEH-X5000BT / DEH-X5000BR / DEH-S720DAB / DEH-S5250BT / DEH-S4280BT / DEH-S42B / DEH-S4250 -X500BT / DEH-X500BR / DEH-S5150BT / DEH-S4180BT / DEH-S4150BT MXT-X3162BT / MXT-S3262BT MVH-X7000BR / MVH-X3000BT / MVH-X3000BR / MVH-S628BT9BR / MVH-X3000 / MVH-X3000 MVH-S325BT / MVH-X700BT / MVH-X700BR / MVH-X300BT / MVH-X300BR / MVH-S315BT


Pioneer Smart Sync is a free app and doesn’t require any recurring payments to use.

Pros and Cons


  • The app is secure to use
  • The app is continuously improving
  • Regular bug fixes with every update
  • Good support


  • The app needs to improve privacy protection
  • Some features are missing
  • Support can be slow sometimes


  • The app is user-friendly with an efficient management system
  • The app helps users focus on the most important things while driving
  • The app is reliable and has good performance
  • The app has a search bar for easy navigation
  • Pioneer Smart Sync has good support and is a free app


Negative Feedback:

  • Privacy concerns have been raised in some reviews
  • Some users have reported difficulties in using the app with their devices
  • One user reported the app breaking down with many open tabs

Positive Feedback:

  • Overall, users found Pioneer Smart Sync to be a functional and reliable app


What is the user rating of Pioneer Smart Sync on the App Store?

The app has a rating of 2.19917 based on 241 user ratings.

What is the price plan of Pioneer Smart Sync?

The app is free to download and use.

Which devices and operating systems are compatible with Pioneer Smart Sync?

The app is currently compatible with iPhones only and the iOS operating system. It may be available for other devices on the Google Play Store.

What is the current version of Pioneer Smart Sync?

The current version of the app is 2.9.0.

What is the download size of Pioneer Smart Sync?

The file size of the app

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Pioneer Smart Sync
Pioneer Smart Sync
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